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Welcome to Priyadarshi Academy

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First Batch

The first ever show of the first batch of the Priyadarshi Academy , was the Play “ Sadgati” based on the famous Hindi writer Premchand’s short story. The play was well received and was house full. It was the first ever on stage experience for the students.


The rehearsals for the plays continuously goes on. This one is from Sadgati’s Rehearsals. You practice and you learn.

The Workshop

First 10 days workshop for the beginners in May 2019.

Social Expression

Students are also taught to express their social expression through theater. This was an improvisation based on the Sangli, Kolhapur floods in 2019.

Costume Rehearsal.

Costume Rehearsal.

Visiting Faculties

The best part is we have visiting faculties from the current theater scene who come and take Master classes for the students, in Script Analysis, Body and movement, Improvisations, light design and execution , and physical theater.

What We Do

  • Promote Hindi and Marathi theater.
  • Train new beginners.
  • Enhance the confidence and interest in theater.
  • Shows of the students.

In today’s routine monotonous life and deadline pressures lot of people want to express their thoughts and explore their personalities, try to do something new withy their lives, they want to join theater.

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